Special Services

2 Ways to Access Special Services

1. Be Part of the OG initial 1,000 Pre-Mint for Wizbitz

2. Holding Minimum of 5 Wizbitz

Welcome to the team!

  • Broker NFTKey
  • NFTKey Add-On
  • Education and Community Set Up
  • Consulting Services

Available to Holders of 5 Wizbitz

Brokerage NFTKey

  • Company Communication Tool
    • Mobile Ready
    • Blockchain Level Encrypted Channels Locked for NFTKey Holders
    • Automated Permissioned Communication Funnels
      • Per Agent, Deal, Management, Employees, Owners/Shareholders
  • Complete Brokerage Control of All Digital Assets and Communication Channels
  • New Agent On-Boarding Automation Assistant
  • Low Transaction Fees (less than $.01) + Easy Asset Distribution
  • Easy KYA (Know Your Agent) Tracking Set Up
  • Metaverse Ready
  • Market your Brokerage New Technology + Reach + Education
  • Brand Building Opportunities

Paired With Broker NFTKey

Additionally Charged Add-Ons

  • NFTKey Connect Online
    • Pair your current online tool solution with your NFTKey for access.

  • Stake & Stay = Earn (Revshare Program)
    • Stake your NFTKey and earn.

  • Incentivized Sharing Integration
    • Access rewards through sharing community social posts.

  • Special Airdrop
    • Airdrop new digital goods to holders.

Available to Holders of 50 Wizbitz

Coming Soon

Consulting Services

Coming Soon

These are considered consulting services, we assist you in the set up.

Terms and conditions and service offerings subject to change at anytime.