Broker NFTKey Connect System

How it Works

Set Up

  1. Broker signs up for system and creates a custom NFT for their Brokerage.
  2. Owners, Brokers and Agents receive a NFT. This NFT received is the key and access to broker provided tools.
  3. Communications and Online Tools verification of NFT ownership during use.

What You Receive

  • Complete Brokerage Control and Ownership of all Digital Assets issued by Broker.
    • Create + Add, Terminate, Suspend and Set Transfer Rights
  • Community Communication Tool including:
    • Communication Funnels
    • Branded to Brokerage
    • Group Messaging
    • 1 on 1 Broker to Agent channels + Individual Deal Channels when needed
    • Employee only and Owner/Broker only channels
    • Easy Group Announcements and Easy Links Sharing
    • Automate Guided On-Boarding and No User Sign On Tracking
    • Mobile and Metaverse Ready
  • Market your Cool Broker Tech