Solana Project Collection NFT’s

Our first Collection Project will be on the Solana Blockchain.


Project Mint Date: TBA

Our main utility for our Collection Project NFT’s are to offer the following benefits for holders:

  • Holding 1 of our Collection Project NFT’s allows a holder access to the Publishing View and EDU Marketplace
  • Holding 3 is required to be a verified link creator and submit links for token
  • Holding 5 is required to be a verified creator and submit content for token
  • Holding 20 is required to become a verified EDU Marketplace Vendor and submit education courses for token


You will also be able to stake your Collection Project NFT to gain governance and voting through the SOL $SCCG token.


If you hold multiple Project NFT’s you will be entitled to a Content Payment Multiplier. We will take your tier payment and multiply it! If you have both multipliers we give you a dual multiplier based on your based tier payment!

Radrugs Review – Coming Soon