Official Contract: COMING SOON!

Solana Governance Token $SCCG will be awarded to those who stake their SOL Project NFT as a reward.

If you are holding $SCCG, you will get access to a private discord channel for other holders that will give you the opportunity to vote on the following:
Private Discord Access For Voting On:
  • Protocol updates
  • Royalty Updates
  • SOL integration and revenue share with BNB tokens
  • Floor Sweep Rules
If SOL Governance token requests a change on BNB token, then will prompt BNB governance pool to be activated and make decision being proposed) and vice versa.
Other benefits and uses:
  • FFF NFT Raffles using $SCCG
  • WL and NFT Giveaways
  • IRL Giveaways
  • More to follow

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