$CCGT – CryptoCorner Governance Token

Official Contract: COMING SOON!

Binance Smart Chain Governance Token $CCGT will be awarded to those who stake their $CCT as a reward.
This token can be used for content voting, raffles, and voting on tokenomics.
This token will also be responsible for voting on how some marketing and developer funds are used.
If you are holding $CCGT, you will get access to a private discord channel for other holders that will give you the opportunity to vote on the following:
Private Discord Access For Voting On:
  • Protocol updates
  • Marketplace Royalty Updates and Creator Splits
  • Transaction Tokenomics Updates for $CCT
  • Marketing and Developer Platform Updates
  • System Architecture Changes
If SOL Governance token requests a change on BNB token, then will prompt BNB governance pool to be activated and make decision being proposed) and vice versa.
Other benefits and uses:
  • NFT and Token Raffles using $CCGT
  • WL Giveaways
  • More to follow

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